HERALD Professional

HERALD (HElp for RAdio Link Design) is a powerful single user PC program for Windows that assists the radio engineer in the rapid design of point-to-point (multi-hop) microwave links and networks, in the frequency range from 0.4 to 58 GHz.

HERALD is based on well-assessed procedures for radio link design, implemented in an interactive, user-friendly PC program with close reference to design guidelines given by ITU-R Recommendations.

The main design functions performed by HERALD Professional are :

  • Topology definition (Radio Sites, including Passive Repeater Sites, and Radio Hops)
  • Radio Equipment and antenna configuration of Radio Sites
  • Path profile analysis (clearance conditions, obstruction loss, reflection geometry, and diversity)
  • Link Budget computation, with estimate of unavailability time due to rain and of outage time due to multipath propagation
  • Interference search and analysis, estimate of receiver degradation

Herald uses Digital Elevation Model data from NASA/SRTM terrain maps and now also the option for ASTER maps to calculate path profiles, site height data, and clearance.

Definition of Radio Section and comparison of Radio Section performance with objectives set by ITU Recs. (G.821 / G.826 / G.828).

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