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Features – Define Radio Hop

To define a hop in Herald Pro the following information will be required:

1.  Sites pre-defined for each end

2.  Databases populated with Antenna, Feeder, and Equipment data.

To define a new hop:

1.  Select Define Hop from program menu.  The following screen will be displayed – note the screen shown is for an empty database:

Existing Hop List

2.  Select Create New Hop using the button provided:


The computed Hop Length is automatically supplied although you can override if desired.  A Frequency must be supplied for the Radio Hop – this should comply with national / ITU frequency assignment rules for your intended use and hop length.  At this point you may also add an additional site where required.

3.  Define hop details:

Define Hop Detail

This multipart form defines the antenna, antenna height, feeders, equipment, path profile, space diversity, branching and propagation losses, interference, and frequency arrangement.

3.1 Antenna definition:

Define Antenna

3.2 Feeder definition:

Define Feeder

3.3  Equipment Definition:

Define Equipment

3.4  Path Profile

Path Profile