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Features – Define Site

Sites for each end of radio links must be defined in Herald Pro.  Herald Pro provides several ways to define a site:

1. Manual method – enter site data including coordinates into a form.  Site elevation data is then retrieved from the digital elevation model (map) files

2. Import site from a Google Earth kml file.  All data is automatically entered from the kml.

The following form forms are used to Add, Modify, Select sites in Herald Pro.

Add / List sites

Import from kml file (Google Earth™)

Select KML for site definition

Following is the defined site from the kml file.  Note that the elevation was retrieved from the SRTM / ASTER map files:


The site may now be selected to be used in a hop definition:


Note that sites may also be imported from ASCII files and this requires that the coordinate datum be the same as the default for the project.