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Free Trial Herald Pro

Download your free trial here

Free trial Herald Pro

We offer a FREE trial of Herald Pro via the download form to the right of this page.

Please ensure you enter a valid reachable email address as the download link is sent to that address.

The FREE trial will allow you to test the functionality of Herald Pro as well as perform lab exercises in our FREE Point to Point Radio Link Engineering E-Book also downloadable from this site.  Functionality is limited for the demo licence and we recommend a student licence to access all features while learning Herald Pro.  Please see our Terms and Conditions for the Academic licence.

If you purchase Herald Pro within 30 days of downloading the FREE Trial you will receive a 20% discount on a single licence.

There is no obligation to purchase and we do offer a service where we will provide the design through consultation (using Herald Pro of course!) if this suits your requirements.  Please contact us for more information.

We always appreciate feedback from trials to help us improve the features offered by Herald Pro.

We know you won’t find better value than we offer with most similar offerings up to 10X the price of Herald Pro.


Free trial Herald Pro